Advantages of Solar Heat

Advantages of Solar Heat

Winter is coming to Dover Seacoast, New Hampshire! How will you and your family survive the cold and the cost? Don’t worry because your greatest weapon against Old Man Winter is solar heating technology.

The rising costs of fuel coupled with our nation’s desire to cut our dependence on foreign oil, makes solar heating very attractive. Solar technology is fast-becoming an alternative source to heat and hot water. (

Solar energy is also a smart investment. Solar-powered homes are becoming increasingly popular throughout the U.S. Retrofitting your Dover home with solar technologies could increase the value of your home and property and is a great selling point if you decide to place your home on the market. (

However, in the short run, solar technology installation is expensive. Solar technology equipment, such as solar water heaters, solar panels and solar chimneys, will cost you thousands of dollars. To help you afford these costs, research local Dover Seacoast solar energy companies that offer low interest rates and relatively less expensive solar parts. For example, “Seacoast Energy Alternatives” is a solar installation company that services the entire state of New Hampshire. To inquire about their pricing, call them at (603) 749-9550. (

Don’t miss out on the tax benefits of solar technology. When installing solar technologies in your house, ask your Dover solar energy installer as to what federal, New Hampshire and local Dover government tax incentives you qualify for. (

Winter is coming; don’t delay. Act now to reap the advantages of solar heating. You, your family and your house will not be disappointed!

Give Dave a call to help you answer all of your real estate needs for the Dover Seacoast area. Check out this neat video on how solar works.

-Greg Daly