Already an agent? Demand a raise!

Already an agent? Demand a raise!

The Hurlburt Group is offering 100% commissions!  Whether you earn a lot or nothing your  flat monthly fee never changes.  Keep more of what you earn..


Maintaining a large office is expensive especially when you add in utilities and other expenses.  With technology incorporated into our lives there are many tools available that replace the need for the traditional brick & mortar office.

In the real estate industry, most firms charge agents for an office and 50% of business they procure.  Like paying taxes, the old real estate brokerage model is based on a principal the more you make, the more they take.  Furthermore, a successful agent is does not spend  time in the office as they are busy booking appointments, on showings, etc..  There is no need for your broker to secure large portions of your hard earned deals.

100% means that the agent will keep 100% of the commission they have earned in exchange for a flat monthly or yearly fee!

Give Dave a call if your interested in earning more in the real estate business.