Are you a Veteran? Great programs for home loans

Are you a Veteran? Great programs for home loans

Are you a veteran? Do you know a veteran?  Chances are you probably do..

There are 175k veterans in Maine and 135k in NH!  Myself a veteran, many are not aware of the valuable loan programs available. For example, NO money down for a home purchase!  Also,  most lenders are more flexible on a fico score.  Veterans must have a minimum credit score of 580.  There are also grants and many other benefits available to the VA home purchaser.

A common assumption is that the VA underwrites the loans and is the direct lender.  However, the VA  insures the loan and the lender still underwrites the loan.  Many banks like VA home loans because of the VA insurances.   Spouses, you are eligible for VA home loans and other veteran benefits if your a widow.  The VA will allow you to use their loan programs up too 417k loan amount.

Eligibility:  (YES, active duty can use a VA home loan)

-must be a veteran who served on active duty for a specific time frame and received an honorable discharge

-un-remarried surviving spouse of an eligible veteran

-Reservists/National guard members must have an honorable discharge.  90 days of active duty or 6 years of selective service

-certificate of eligibility ( I can help you with  this)

-Veterans DD214, DD215, NG22 Militiary discharge documents ( I can help you with this)

-Active Duty must have a (COE)- certificate of eligibility

Give me a call if you are a veteran and need any assistance. There are also many grants available to veterans particularly service connected injured.   Thank you for your service!