Condo report for Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester

Condo report for Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester

Good morning,

Below is the broker sponsored condo sales data for our area (Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester).

Report is from 4/1/14 –7/31/14

Portsmouth: DOM (Average days on the market) 53 : Ave. Price $356,861

Dover: DOM 40 : Average price 141,712

Rochester Report–DOM 99 : Average Price $74,109

Summary: WOW! The data continues to show a significant difference between our three biggest towns.  Location!  Portsmouth continues to shine.  Only 53 days on the market is quick and price appreciation is steady.  Unfortunately, for young families it’s a difficult housing market to participate in as most young families and people are priced out.  Dover seems to be a happy medium as far as price point goes.  Much going on in Dover and purchasing a condo is a nice entry point into the benefits of home ownership.   Rochester continues to emerge from the real estate depression slowly.  A lot of pressure on pricing as foreclosures linger.  Next week we’ll look closer at condo’s, financing, etc.