Developers Compete for the Dover Waterfront Project

Developers Compete for the Dover Waterfront Project

Perhaps the biggest real estate development project in Dover’s history is up for proposal.  The results of this project will impact Dover for generations.  The waterfront advisory board has been busy securing plans and evaluating all options.  Bluff work and some site work appears to have started.  Below is an update from CWDAC

“Last September CWDAC and the City issued an RFQ to solicit potential developers interested in entering into a public/private partnership to develop portions of the waterfront. Responses were due on Dec. 6, 2017. Six responses to the RFQ were submitted from the following companies:

*Cathartes – Boston
*Chinburg Properties – Newmarket
*STF Development Corporation – Dover
*Summit Land Development – Dover
*The Riverwoods Group – Exeter
*Two International Group – Portsmouth

The submittals will be reviewed by a sub-committee and interviews will be held on Jan. 8 and 10 to determine the developers most qualified and experienced to undertake redevelopment on the waterfront.

From these interviews the subcommittee will recommend the developers who will be asked to proceed to the second stage, where detailed Requests for Proposals will be prepared.”