Dover waterfront development

Dover waterfront development

What is the status of the Dover Waterfront Project? Is the project dead-in-the-water? Will it improve downtown Dover and its surrounding areas? Why the long wait?

These and other questions continue to plague this project. Since Dickinson Development of Quincy, MA took control of the project in 2006, it has grown no closer to completion and has left the citizens of Dover to wonder, “what’s the hold-up?”

What is the goal of the Dover Waterfront Project? Its primary mission is for the major development of the Cocheco Waterfront. The Dickinson Development Corporation plans to build condos, retail and office spaces, a restaurant and a large park on the 21 acre site north of Henry Law Park. In addition, the River walk would be extended, the river would be dredged and public and private boating facilities would be created.

Nearly a decade later and just this last month, the Dover Committee hosted a forum on the future of the waterfront project. Reason for this delay stems from the Dickinson Development Corporation’s failure to secure adequate financing for the project.

What a shame that the Dover and Seacoast real estate markets will have to continue waiting on such a promising real estate makeover. Ultimately, better to get it right then rush just to get something done.

Ariel view of the dover waterfront lot pending development

~Greg Daly