Dover Waterfront Mixed Use Vision

Dover Waterfront Mixed Use Vision

Below is courtesy of the city of Dover

“CWDAC and City Issues Cochecho Waterfront Development RFQ

After many months of work by CWDAC, City staff, and the consultants, the Request for Qualifications to solicit developers interested in the waterfront was completed. CWDAC voted to approve the RFQ on September 19th and the RFQ was issued by the Purchasing Office on Sept. 19.

As part of the RFQ process there will be a preproposal meeting and site tour at 31 River Street on Thursday, Oct. 19 at 2 p.m. The RFQ submittals are due on or before Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017 at 2 p.m.

CWDAC is interested in identifying developers qualified to propose and implement a mixed use development on the Cochecho River riverfront property that is consistent with CWDAC’s vision and goals.

The full RFQ can be viewed here:


CWDAC approves final Waterfront Design Guidelines

At its last meeting, CWDAC approved the waterfront design guidelines that will guide the type of design and construction that will be expected of any project that is proposed for the waterfront. These guidelines will also help the committee to evaluate developer design proposals to ensure a consistent quality of professional design and construction.

The guidelines are the result of months of work by the Design Guidelines Subcommittee: Dana Lynch, Carla Goodnight, Robbi Woodburn, Norm Fracassa, Matt Cox and Kim Schuman.

These guidelines provide standards for site layout, architectural design and materials and landscape design. From the beginning the committee wanted to have a graphic-oriented approach to the guidelines that would provide images, pictures and diagrams to represent the type of development to be expected. The guidelines for setbacks including such images can be seen below.

The full Waterfront Design Guidelines document can be found here:”