Dover Waterfront Update

Dover Waterfront Update

The Dover waterfront project has been in the public eye for years.  This is a much anticipated project that will effect Dover for generations.  After much discussion and years of planning, Dickenson developers pulled out of the project.  I’ve never been able to uncover the reason why but perhaps a curious reporter could find out. Now we are moving forward with Union Studio for waterfront design services.   They are  highly recommended and it appears that the city is now moving in the right direction.   Below is an update of their most recent meeting with the planning  committee. Feel free to visit the  town’s web site to watch the video.

Below is Courtesy of the city of Dover town offices:

“CWDAC recommends Union Studio for waterfront design services

At their last meeting on July 14, 2015, CDWAC recommended the selection of Union Studio to the Dover Housing Authority (DHA) for design services for the development of the Cochecho waterfront site.  With the approval of DHA, city staff and members of CWDAC will work with Union Station on a detailed work program, project schedule and budget for design and permitting services for the waterfront.  It is envisioned that these services will include:

  • An overall conceptual master plan for the waterfront;
  • Design of a waterfront park — the design of this park will incorporate the needs of the recreation department for public launch facility;
  • Design for shoreline stabilization that will complement the park design;
  • Design of public infrastructure to support private sector development such as water, sewer and roadway(s) and;
  • A program for hazardous waste management.

The Consultant Selection Committee of CWDAC originally received proposals from eight firms, four of which were selected for interviews.  The Committee selected Union Studio in large part because of its extensive experience with similar waterfront projects.  In addition, the team demonstrated an ability to work in a coordinated fashion with the varying team experts each of whom would be responsible for particular disciplines such as land planning, civil engineering, and landscape architecture.

The team also demonstrated its ability to incorporate the public in a meaningful way as it progressed through its various projects.  Finally, Union Studio had extremely positive references from communities that engaged them to undertake similar projects.

Once the final agreement is reached with Union Studio, CWDAC and the DHA will recommend that the Dover City Council approve the funding.  We expect that this will occur in mid-September.  Once approved by the Council, work on waterfront planning in earnest will begin.”

We will continue to watch this closely!