Dover's new transportation plan

Dover’s new transportation plan

Most towns have a master plan developed to discover and address town needs.  This master plan can be viewed at most town halls and is open to the public. I’ve added the link to Dover’s master plan in this write up.   Typically the master plan is developed and implemented over a several year period.  Dover’s newest master plan was developed in 2012.  Within this plan are transportation initiatives.  These initiatives are beginning soon.  As a side note, the town is also accepting permit applications for residents that want to purchase a monthly pass for the new Orchard St. parking garage.
Courtesy of the Dover Town offices:

“Work will soon begin to update the City of Dover‘s Transportation Chapter of the Master Plan, and kicks off with an informational session in Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday, Sept. 21, 2015, at 6 p.m.

Community-wide visioning sessions were held in 2012 as part of a comprehensive master planning process. The Transportation Chapter of the Master Plan helps identify the City‘s transportation priorities over the next 10 years, as expressed in the current Master Plan. The City of Dover Master Plan can be found online here.
On Monday, Sept. 21, representatives of a study team will begin work on the Transportation Chapter in coordination with the City‘s Transportation Advisory Commission, during the commission’s regular meeting. A brief presentation will be followed by questions and answers, and an opportunity for attendees to share their thoughts and ideas.

This update to the Master Plan will replace the existing Transportation Chapter, last updated in 2000. Goals for this chapter include reviewing opportunities for traffic calming, expanding the City‘s complete street network and reviewing opportunities for mass transit in Dover.

Christopher G. Parker, Dover‘s Assistant City Manager, is acting as the liaison between the Steering Committee and the consulting team.

Dover has been very lucky to have a strong volunteer base, and I am glad to have active membership on the Steering Committee,” Parker said. “At the same time, we want to involve the community at large. This kick off meeting is the first of those opportunities.”

Community members are encouraged to participate in local planning, as it is important to Dover‘s long-range growth and development.

Dover‘s Transportation master plan, along with our Vision and Land Use chapters will be instrumental in creating the Dover the community wants to have for the next decade,” Parker added. “We need to be proactive and thoughtful in our review and consideration of the transportation issues we face as a community, and lay out a positive path we can take to improve our transportation networks.”