Dover's Waterfront Update

Dover’s Waterfront Update

Greetings, time for an update on our historic waterfront development.  The Dover waterfront project is the biggest real estate undertaking in decades for the town of Dover.  Many residents have volunteered long hours to help with this project and continue to contribute.  Below is a letter & update from the Waterfront Advisory Committee.

“Dear Friends of the Waterfront,
As we begin 2017, there is a great deal of activity occurring on the waterfront project.  Much of this effort has been in developing the final design for the waterfront park.  As you know, we have a conceptual plan for the waterfront park that includes trails, water access and a large public plaza area at the bend in the river.  We are also putting together the final plans for a rowing dock.  The Park Design Subcommittee has been helping with this process and the subcommittee conducted an on line survey to determine what types of activities Dover citizens would like to see in the park.  The results of this survey can be found below.
Another major initiative has been the development of a preliminary concept plan for the future private sector portion of the waterfront.  At our December meeting, Union Studio presented CWDAC (Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee) with a mixed-use plan that includes a mix of residential types, commercial space and a restaurant.  The details of this plan can be found in the subsequent article.  The waterfront committee will further discuss this plan at our next meeting.
Finally, CWDAC has put into motion a project to excavate the bluff area along River Street.  Union Studio recommended this action last fall, because it would allow for more developable land as well as increase the green space along the Cochecho River which would tie Henry Law Park to newly the proposed waterfront park.  At its next meeting CWDAC will select a contractor for this work and will ask that the city council enter into a contract with the contractor.  Work could begin this spring.
We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on Jan. 17 when we will have a discussion with Union Studio about the proposed waterfront concept plan and the Park Design Subcommittee about the status of the park design.

Your Chairman,