Furnace tune up! Is it neccessary

Furnace tune up! Is it neccessary

Every seacoast home owner realizes it’s time again to have your furnace checked. You may be asking yourself, Why the check up? Is it necessary or just a waste of time and money? Why pay a professional to simply vacuum out the dust when I can simply do it myself? These are excellent questions that deserve answers.


So, are yearly furnace tune-ups really necessary? According to all furnace manufacturers, furnaces need annual inspections and maintenance by qualified technicians. Furthermore, furnace warranties will not cover furnace damages caused by improper maintenance. Brand new furnaces generally need to be inspected once every two years whereas furnaces which are ten years old and older, are strongly recommended for annual inspections especially if you live in the seacoast, Dover, or other cold areas. (www.structuretech1.com)


What exactly does a technician do to tune up your furnace? Well, since there is no industry standard for a furnace tune-up, tune up requirements will vary from company to company.


However, furnace manufacturers do recommend a list of routine tasks to be done when performing an annual inspection by a technician. These include: checking the vent system for blockage and/or leakage, analyzing and comparing combustion gases to their required specifications, ensuring that the blower access door fits tightly at the furnace, inspecting the fresh air intake grills for blockage, checking the heat exchanger for rust and corrosion, ensuring the burners for proper ignition, burner flame and flame sense, checking the drainage system for blocks and leaks, inspecting the blower wheel for debris, conducting an amp-draw test on the blower motor, checking the wiring for damage and corrosion and checking the filters.   (www.structuretech1.com)


So, are these furnace checkups worth the money? Unless the homeowner is knowledgeable enough to perform the aforementioned tasks, yes they are!   To ensure a comfortable and livable home, take care of your furnace.


Blog Authored by Greg Daly