Home Renovations: Vinal Replacement Windows

Home Renovations: Vinal Replacement Windows

Over the past year I’ve had the pleasure of replacing 24 replacement windows.   Replacing windows can make a difference in the feel and ascetics of a home.  Replacing windows can be a tricky job.  There are a few steps one needs to do before starting this process.

First, proper and accurate measurements of the window you are replacing is very important.  Nothing is “standard” when it comes to replacing a window in an older home.  Every window needs precise measurements to fit the space.  Typically, they will have to order the new window to fit your measurements.  Many vendors won’t allow you to return your window if it does not fit.

Secondly, when ordering your window shop for prices.  Typically, Anderson and Harvey are consider high end products.  However, there are many options out there.

Third, the cost. This depends on the size of the window and the type of window you purchase.  It’s safe to assume that your going to pay north of $300 per vinyl window (includes professional installation).   Our windows ran about 150-175 per window.  We installed the windows so there was no installation cost.  A typical handy man will charge around 150 t/- per window .  If your installing the window your self you will need a few things: a tube of caulking (1 tube per window), Screws (typically come with the window), power drill, insulation, crow’s foot,  a hammer, and a good nights sleep.

In conclusion, if your unsure about measurements or how to do this contact a contractor.  Perhaps the contractor will do a couple windows with you and then you can do the remaining on your own.  Replacing windows has little margin for error and could be very costly if you make a mistake.