Can landscaping really help?

Can landscaping really help?

Why maintain your lawn?  Who wants to endure the aggravation of pulling weeds, spreading mulch, planting, pruning and watering flowers?  Of course not!  In fact, a well-maintained lawn can add significant value to your home in the Dover and Seacoast real estate markets.

The following tasks are vital to help you create and maintain an attractive landscape.  Make the entry and exit points in your home look more interesting and desirable by placing container plants in those areas.  (

Mulch is important.  Not only is mulch inexpensive and easy to apply, but its color, when added to garden beds, enhances the visual contrast of the surrounding plants.  You can’t go wrong with fresh mulch.  (

Planting plants for instant color is also a great idea.  For example, flats of annuals are cheap and colorful.  Tailor your landscape color(s) to fit the look of your home.  (Ibid)

Don’t forget to prune your landscape.  To avoid bad visuals, such as dead branches, prune your trees and shrubs.  (Ibid)

Furthermore, maintain your flower beds.  Tidy up plants to make them look more attractive.  Replace sickly-looking and/or dead plants with new ones.  (Ibid)

Clean up your water features.  Dispose of any leaves and clean your water filters.  (Ibid)

If needed, fix any irrigation problems.  Do not pass the expensive repair costs on to the buyer.  Instead, let the buyer know the operating instructions and watering schedule, especially if you have an automatic irrigation system.  (Ibid)

Water your landscape just thirty minutes prior to showing your home.  The water helps reduce the glare of paved surfaces and shows how well you maintain your plants and shrubs.  Also, run your irrigation system to prove its working properly.  (Ibid)

Properly maintaining your lawn is essential to selling your home.  Don’t just take my word for it; simply ask any agent or broker who works in the Dover and Seacoast real estate markets.

~Authored by Greg Daly