Meet The Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee (CWDAC)

Meet The Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee (CWDAC)

Below is courtesy of the The Dover town Offices
“In the last year, the membership of the Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee (CWDAC) has seen several changes.

Some long-serving members have stepped down after many years of dedicated service to redevelop the City’s waterfront property. Recently resigned members are James Schulte, Frank Torr, Thom Hindle and Stephen Brewer. Combined they had over 36 years of service on CWDAC. That amount of experience and expertise has been a challenge to replace, but new members are already making contributions.

Early in 2015, Norm Fracassa and Dennis Ciotti were appointed as new members. At the time, Ciotti was the chair of the Planning Board and has since been elected to the City Council. This is Fracassa’s second stint on CWDAC, having served from 2005 to 2008. In August 2015, local attorney Matt Cox became the newest member of CWDAC. The most recent two appointees in the last two months were Roberta “Robbie” Woodburn, a landscape architect, and Peg Purcell, who owns a local property management company. With these appointments CWDAC is back up to full membership and is ready to tackle the renewed efforts to move the redevelopment of the waterfront forward.

One significant step in the process was accomplished in December 2015 when the city hired Union Studio of Providence, Rhode Island as the lead consultant. Union Studio will support the CWDAC and has been working diligently to review the constraints and opportunities of the waterfront.

Union Studio has met with staff and stakeholders to examine existing conditions and previous plans and studies, as well as a review of the goals and vision for the project. This review included a site walk and a stakeholder meeting.

“Between Union Studio and the expertise of the new CWDAC members, there has been an infusion of energy and activity in the committee that is great to see,” said Steve Bird, the lead staff coordinating the project for the City. “The process is moving forward in a positive and progressive manner.”

Other activities undertaken since the beginning of the year include a pre-application meeting with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, the Environmental Protection Agency, Army Corps of Engineers, and others. As a result of that meeting, Union Studio and staff now have a better understanding of the permit process necessary to stabilize the shore land and create a safe and attractive development site for the City to market.

By March, Union Studio will prepare concept plans of the site for CWDAC to consider. Included in that concept plan will be an outline of environmental and developmental constraints as well as an analysis of opportunities on the site. By July 2016, the development of a management plan for contaminated soils will be completed, in addition to the design and permitting of a public boat dock.

More information on the waterfront is available on the City website here. Those interested in more information can sign up to receive the CWDAC newsletter here.

For more information, contact City Planner Steve Bird at 603-516-6008.”