New Changes To The Real Estate Laws

New Changes To The Real Estate Laws

The real estate industry passed some laws this year that effect home owners, buyers & sellers, and real estate professionals.  Over the course of the next couple weeks I will touch on some significant changes to our laws.

Septic System Evaluators licensing:

This law below is important.  There have been a number of transactions on the seacoast of NH that go sideways because of issues relating to septic systems.  In many instances, multiple septic companies can look at the same system and their reports can vary significantly as to the condition of the system, tank, and leach field.

“With the passage of Senate Bill 210 starting in 2017 anyone doing work as a septic evaluator will now need to be licensed with the state of New Hampshire and will be subject to a new Board of Septic System Evaluators.  Anyone who currently holds a Granite State septic system certified evaluator designation or other recognized designation determined to be acceptable by the board is eligible to be licensed without having to take coursework or completing the exam.  ”

In short, raising the standard for evaluators is a positive move.  The law could go further.  For sellers, if your system is determined to be failing by a septic company it’s ok to get a second opinion.  Furthermore, if your informed that your system failed they should provide you a detailed report with photos etc.  Give Dave a call if you have questions.