Property cards! A great place to begin

Property cards! A great place to begin

Purchasing or selling a home is a huge financial decision.  If your considering purchasing or selling a home in Dover or the seacoast of NH it’s important to gather as much information as possible.  One document and tool often overlooked is the city assessor’s card and online GSI map features.  All properties have a public record card that provides information about the property.   Many times, I’ll pull the assessors card before taking a listing.  When I present the assessor’s card to my client often times they are surprised about things found.  Typically, something with the property has been changed and the card does not reflect those changes.   Or perhaps the seller believes his home is larger then what it is public record.

In short, reviewing your assessor’s card could be very useful.  The city of Dover has updated their online system to allow for much research.

Below is a courtesy of the City of Dover 

“City of Dover‘s online maps resource has new look, features

The City of Dover‘s online map resource has been updated for easier navigation and access.

Online maps contain a wide variety of public information, including wards and polling places, City Councilor contact information, elementary schools, points of interest, storm maintenance, trash day, zoning and more. Information can be added to a map by toggling layers on and off.

In addition, public property records by address are easily accessible, as well as a street view.

For more information and to access the maps, visit The maps can be accessed directly at “