Rt. 16 and bridge work taking it's toll!

Rt. 16 and bridge work taking it’s toll!

I think we all agree that in the end the new bridge and work development will improve life for local residents.  However, The General Sullivan bridge construction and rt. 16 road work is not without pains.   We are all tired of being stuck in bridge traffic or not being able to access appropriate exists.  Yesterday, I was traveling south bound and could not get off rt. 16 to access to the Fox Run mall and Walmart. Business must be fuming as thousands of potential customers have been blocked from easily accessing their stores.  Tremendous loss in revenue and general public inconvenience is significant.  Remember, this project has been under construction for years! We need to be made aware of progress more regularly.   I’m curios where Foster’s is on reporting this huge undertaking that effects the town significantly as well as local property values.  Some have lost their homes due to imminent domain.   Call me to discuss, lets get results!

Below is courtesy of the Dover town offices:

“The New Hampshire Department of Transportation has closed the Exit 5 northbound ramps on the Spaulding Turnpike in Dover for several months. Portable concrete barriers will be used at Exit 5 to close off the existing on and off ramps. The Exit 5 ramps will reopen later this summer.
A northbound traffic shift will allow for the construction of the new northbound tie-in from the Little Bay Bridge to the existing northbound lanes north of Exit 5. The Exit 5 ramps will be reconstructed to match the new alignment.
Motorists needing to access Wentworth Terrace and Hilton Park will be directed northbound to Exit 6W, and to a detour back to Boston Harbor Road and under the new Little Bay Bridge to get from the west side to the east side of the Turnpike. Southbound traffic needing to access Wentworth Terrace and Hilton Park, will be able to use Exit 6S and proceed to the signals at US Route 4/Boston Harbor Road.

Detour signs will be erected to show the new traffic pattern. Fire, emergency vehicles and school buses will need to use the detour. Boaters wishing to launch at Hilton Park should also take notice of this planned ramp closure and detour.”