Union Studio Presentation of the Dover Waterfront Project

Union Studio Presentation of the Dover Waterfront Project

The below information is courtesy of the Dover City Offices
“Union Studio site concepts

At the CWDAC meeting of Jan. 19, 2016, Jeremy Lake of Union Studio presented a Power Point program on the Preliminary Site Concepts for the Cochecho River waterfront property. Before getting to the preliminary concepts, he discussed the key site issues that need to be considered. These included projected sea level rise, location of contaminated soils, the size and location of the waterfront park, and the location of a public dock and boat launch.

Dealing with Site Issues

Projected Sea Rise/Shoreline Stabilization
The Cochecho River and nearby shorelands will be affected by rising sea levels that are predicted to increase anywhere between 0.6 and 2.0 feet by 2050 as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Effect of Sea Level Rise
Site Grading/Contaminated Soils/Bluff Excavation
By using the materials from the sloped-area on the south east side of the waterfront parcel, the site can be regraded to add fill material to raise the elevation of the site.  See Figure 2.
This process may allow some of the contaminated soils to be buried and also mitigate sea level rise. The final management plan for the contaminated soils is currently under way. The design team considered the bluff for fill material, but decided it is best left in place because of the expense to extract the material and the disruption to the neighborhood.

Figure 2. Potential Site Regrading
Waterfront Park
The design team has been considering both the size and layout of the park as well as the type of activities to take place within the park. The team has suggested that the park allow for hands-on water experience, accommodation of overflow of city waterfront events, accommodation of flooding and a non-motorized boat dock. The potential of locating a crew boathouse in the park is also being examined.

Public Dock Design

As part of the waterfront design Union Studio is also looking at locating and designing a public dock facility. The adjacent figure identifies several preliminary locations for such a facility based on preliminary water edge conditions.

Street Layout/Site Connections

The design team also wants to be sure that the waterfront development is integrated into the exisiting neighborhood-being connected to downtown and also Maglaras Park as shown in Figure 3. The team is looking at the extension of Washington Street to Towne Drive and Henry Law Avenue and the continuation of the waterfront park to Maglaras Park via a trail or similar connection.

Figure 3. Site Connections
Preliminary Site Concepts

The design team has come up with three very preliminary approaches to the waterfront design. These can be seen in the Union Studio presentation which is on the City‘s website here. One of the alternatives is shown here. They all have in common the inclusion of a waterfront park. The final layouts vary in terms of the extent and location of potential roads and buildings. Union Studio will continue to refine these until there is a final conceptual plan.”