Update - Permits on Dover's waterfront development

Update – Permits on Dover’s waterfront development

The city of Dover continues to work hard at securing necessary permits for the historic waterfront development project.  This long awaited waterfront initiative has had many obstacles.  The wetlands permit has not been secured.  These permits are necessary to secure the project.

Below is courtesy of the city of Dover

“City receives important permit from state
for bluff excavation

As part of the permitting required for the excavation of a portion of the bluffs on the waterfront, the City through its consultant Horsley Witten Group, prepared an application and detailed plans that were submitted to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. On Sept. 1, 2017, the NHDES Alteration of Terrain Bureau granted to the City the Alteration of Terrain Permit AoT-1264.

The City is still waiting on the issuance of a Wetlands Permit from NHDES Wetlands Bureau for a wetland on the bluff that will be impacted by the excavation. Once that is obtained the bluff removal can proceed. We remain hopeful that the work can begin this fall.  “

Cheers Dave