Why use a local Realtor?

Why use a local Realtor?

For most people, the sale or purchase of a home is a significant event.  Thousands of dollars are at stake and up for negotiation.  Having the best professional in place can ensure you get the most for your investment.  In most cases we recommend using a local agent for your home in Dover or the seacoast area of NH and southern Maine.

A) Local expert:  Many local agents know your neighborhood, average days on the market, average days under contract, average price per sq. foot etc..  Also most towns publish a master plan at the town offices.  The master plan details pending commercial developments and housing projects for the town.  Most local agents can research these matters and this information will have a significant impact on your decision to purchase or sell.  More importantly, how will the towns master plan impact the value of your current home or desired home?  A local agent is better positioned to answer these questions.

B) Service:  Two big factors in business are price & service.  The Hurlburt Group has great commission rates but we also provide superior service.  Regardless of technology, if an agent is far away they can appear at times not connected to the sale of the home and it’s difficult for them to be a local expert.  For agents, the comfort of the transaction can impact the clients experience.

C) local customs:  Different parts of the state and New England can have different customs for real estate transactions.  If I’m using an agent/ company from Portland Maine to sell a home in Dover things can be difficult.  A few years ago I helped a buyer purchase a home in Bedford / Amherst area.  We looked at 15 homes and most listings were using a Supra key for buyer agents to access the listings (even if the home is occupied).   I guess this is common practice in that part of the state.  However, on the seacoast it’s rare to find agents using the Supra key. If a home is vacant typically it’s on a lock box.  Customs vary region to region.